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"Island Recess" by Sonora Rayne

Heat Scale: 3 of 5. (Adult Language And Situations)

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Welcome to Island Romance Novels.   Explore the heat and passion that can only be found in a tropical romance. Enjoy free online romance novels anytime.

From secluded beaches where the only footprints to be found are yours and your lover's, to steamy island clubs, where pulsating island rhythms provide the soundtrack for lust.

Explore the dark and mysterious side of island romance with works like that from our first author, Sonora Rayne,. Her island romance novel "Island Recess" features a cast of tanned, rugged sailors wrapped in mystery and intrigue.

The author draws on the time she spend living and working in the Caribbean to weave a rich tapestry of romance, island charm and intrigue. Once you begin reading the steamy, intrigue filled island romance novel "Island Recess" you won't be able to stop.

Island Recess, By Sonora Rayne. To Begin Reading Click On Chapter 1.

"On the run from an obsessive and dangerous fianc�, Helena thinks she has found the perfect hideaway teaching school on lush, tropical St. John. Seduced by the gentle rhythms of island life, Helena is caught off-guard by the arrival of another potentially disruptive force: a vagabond sailor whose paths appear to cross Helena�s all too coincidentally.

With no visible means of financial support, large secret stashes of cash, and a local reputation as a wealthy eccentric, the charming and undeniably handsome Neil Streep presents a temptation and a mystery the twice-shy Helena is determined to investigate.

From the World Wide Web to good old-fashioned stake outs, she avails herself of every detective technique she can to unmask what may well prove to be the enemy, all while unwittingly, and possibly unwisely, succumbing to her own desires.

Despite the pristine beaches, classic sailboats and secluded beaches, Helena suddenly finds her summer days turning from steamy to terrifying as both a hurricane and stalking ex-fianc� track her to her island paradise.

On the run from a sinister past to an uncertain future, Helena finds one seemingly safe harbor in the face of the storm; but will Neil be her rescue or her ruin?"



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